Often agencies get messages from photographers wanting to work with their models. No matter if you’re trying to hire an agency model or test shoot with new faces, this article is about where your photography should be at before contacting an agency and what information the agency is expecting from you to make things more efficiently.

Agency bookers are busy people and don’t have time to waste. They work around the clock and if you call them for a chat, they will likely be doing other things at the same time. So the best way to first get in touch with them – unless you are a commercial client or advertising agency – is via email. And I mean email, not Instagram DM or Facebook message. Email the agency with as much information as possible. The less emails you have to exchange with the agency to get to the point, the better.

We asked our in-house photographer Bruno to write some tips on how to approach agencies – as well as the quality of your portfolio, etc.

So we’ll talk about how you should present yourself to the agency as a photographer and then how your contact with the agency should be.

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